Moisture ≤ 18 %

Sand ≤ 2 %

Ph value: 5.5 – 6.5

EC (µS/cm) Unwashed ≤ 500

Coir Bale fiber is obtained from natural coconut husks. It is graded as mattress fiber, mixed fiber and Omat fiber. It comes as a dry product. It is manufactured using modern technology to increase productivity and high quality. Bales are produced by compressing fiber into bales using plastic strapping. The fiber can be used to fill the gaps when coir rolls are joined together. There are amazing benefits to using coconut coir in your garden.  Coir fiber is excellent to build bird nests. But just like any other kind of growing media it is good transition from soil gardening. Growing in coco coir feels like growing in soil, because the two media look so similar. You can have a completely hydroponic garden that looks almost the same as a soil garden. The only difference is instead of watering with only water, you’d water your coconut coir garden with nutrient-enriched water. Retains moisture and provides a good environment.


  1. To produce natural fiber products such as mattress (sleeping mattresses and spring mattresses)
  2. Rubberized coir producers
  3. to produce eco-friendly erosion control weed mats
  4. Manufacturer of natural yarn ropes and twisted fiber 
  5. To producing car seats and upholstery
  6. To produce sound and heat resistant products

Availabilities of Coir Bale

Product NameMix Fiber BalesMatters BaleOmat Fiber Bales
CompositionFIBER: Mix Fiber 100 %FIBER: Matters Fiber 100 %FIBER: Omat Fiber 100 %
Impurities≤ 3 %≤ 5 %≤ 2 %
Fiber Length12 -16 cm8 – 12cm18 – 20 cm
ColourLight BrownDark BrownGolden Brown

For Retail Customers

Ceylon Secret, Yakku, and Ceylon Geheiminis are our main food and spice brand names that are marketed worldwide. As well as we have enough capabilities to do private labeling according to your brand names as per your request. As well as we provide customized packings with different packing sizes, Weights, and materials as per your wish. we will provide,

  • Standard Proper labelled products as per customer request (including Bar code, Batch Number with tracking records)
  • Standard Expiry Dates and Manufacturing dates
  • Nutrition values Chart
  • Logos with USDA organic Certificate and Organic Certificate for EU

For Bulk Customers

we will provide you with EXW/FOB/ CIF prices which include,

  • USDA organic Certificate (for organic products only)
  • GMP Certificate
  • Certificate of origin country
  • Microbiological test reports issued by Sri Lanka Industrial Development Board
  • Fumigation certificate and Phytosanitary certificate issued from authorized mandatory.
  • Local transport cost up to Colombo port and properly packed according to shipping conditions.
  • Batch file which includes all data from cultivation to Final Packing. (If necessary)