Ceylon Spices

Sri Lanka, the island of spices and exotic flavors has long been a trading hub and main source for spices. Historical records speak of traders around the world flocking to the shores of Sri Lanka as early as the 13th Century. The country’s global fame for finest quality spices also brought many colonial powers to its doors, leading to nearly 500 years of colonial rule.

Ceylon spices are respected and highly valued in the whole world. Due to their unique flavor and aroma, Sri Lankan spices and cinnamon are identified under the geographical indication and brand name of Ceylon Spices and Ceylon Cinnamon. In addition to taste, Ceylon spices are an important key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Researchers point out that arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, and asthma can be treated using these spices, especially cinnamon. Therefore, incorporating these spices into your diet would be very beneficial.

Benefits of Ceylon Spices

  • Lowers the Risk of Cancer through antitumor and anti-angiogenesis activities..
  • Reduces Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Helps to cope with cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and to burn calories.
  • Improve energy, improve memory, growth of hair, weight gain, enhance memory and reduce stress and tension.
  • Rehabilitate skin as sunburn, acne, pimples, skin irritations, burns, rashes and many other skin problems.
  • Speeds up metabolism in the human body.
  • prevents liver inflammation.
  • Control bad breath, digestive order, asthma, migraine and heart disorder.
  • Relieves toothache, joint pain, sore throats, stomachic, headache, body ache, back pain and for many other illnesses as a painkiller.
  • Make better for cold, vomiting, fever, coughs, colic pains and other similar allergies or infections.

From the various types of Ceylon spices, we can provide