• Species: Syzygium aromaticum
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Crop: December – April
  • Moisture: 12%

Cloves are the immature buds of the evergreen clove tree, (Syzygium aromaticum).  also known as Eugenia caryophyllus of the Myrtaceae family. It is mainly grown in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Madagascar. A fully grown clove tree is about 15-20 meters tall and has smooth grey bark. Ceylon Clove is notably richer in oil than the clove varieties produced elsewhere in the world.

Cloves are one of the highly priced spices, widely recognized all over the world for their medicinal and culinary qualities. At their early stages of development, flower buds are pale in color which gradually turn into green, and, finally, develop into bright-red clove buds at the time of harvesting. Cloves are known for its antiseptic and soothing properties as well as for its unique flavor, and it is safe to say the taste of cloves is like no other taste in the world.

Health Benefits Of Ceylon Cloves

A Majority of cloves’ health benefits come from Eugenol and Caryophyllene, two strong germicides which are also antioxidants, antimicrobials, and kill parasites and repel insects. Moreover, One teaspoon of ground clove contains 30% of the recommended dietary intake of Manganese, 4% of Vitamin K, 3% of Vitamin C and small amounts of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. 

  • Improves Digestive System Health

The high presence of Eugenol helps to reduce the occurrence of food poisoning through Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella, E.coli. As well as fighting against food poisoning, Eugenol’s antimicrobial properties make cloves a spice that helps food preservation. Clove has been found to increase the production of gastric mucus, protecting the internal lining of the stomach, duodenum, or esophagus from peptic ulcers. In addition, clove extracts have been found to exhibit effects similar to anti-ulcer medications which also accounts for its positive effect on gut health. 

  • Regulate Blood Sugar

Diabetes weakens the pancreatic cells that create insulin, leaving the body without sufficient insulin for normal functioning. Clove oil helps to maintain these insulin levels as it regulates the postprandial insulin and glucose response mechanisms.

  • Improves Liver Health

The compound Eugenol found in clove has been found to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in liver cells while reversing the signs of liver cirrhosis. Incidentally, research has also found to reduce the inflammation and oxidative stress in liver cells caused by binge drinking while antioxidants in clove also reduced oxidative stress in liver stress.

  • Improves Oral Health

Clove oil, which is rich with antiseptic and antibacterial quality can reduce the swelling and pain in the affected areas when applied and massaged gently. Chewing cloves also can relieve pain since it releases the clove extract within the mouth. Clove is a proven treatment for mouth ulcers and small lesions that occur under the tongue, inside lips or cheeks, or at the bottom part of the gums. 

  • Improves Respiratory Tract Health

Clove oil mixed vapor works as an expectorant, loosening mucus in the throat and esophagus and allows the removal of mucus through the mouth. The same effect can be gained by drinking clove infused black tea. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of Cloves soothe the respiratory tract. The oil prevents the bacteria from forming colonies in the lungs and is used for treating respiratory conditions such as Asthma.

  • Soothes Mental Tension

Application of clove oil helps to gain relief from headaches by improving circulation and acting as mild anesthesia Since the flavonoids found in Clove oil have anti-inflammatory properties, Clove oil helps to reduce fatigue, mental exhaustion, anxiety or stress with the help of its stimulating properties. Black or Green Tea infused with whole cloves, cinnamon and mint leaves can also relieve stress and tension.

  • Improves Scalp Health

Messaging the scalp with clove oil helps to increase blood circulation, supports hair growth and the growth of a healthy, glossy, and thick hair. A mixture of clove oil and olive oil can be used as a conditioner and prevents the occurrence of dandruff and hair fall.

  • Rejuvenates Skin

Clove oil also functions as an exfoliator by removing dead skin cells and promoting blood circulation, reducing symptoms of early aging and delivering a smooth, radiant-looking skin. Application of diluted clove oil on the skin reduces the sagginess and the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Available Grades in Ceylon Cloves

Each individual clove bud is picked up by hand when they reach 1.5 -2 cm in length, which is then sun dried and then graded according to size, color, and appearance with the presence of clove stems and headless cloves.

There are Three main types of Ceylon Cloves

  • Ceylon (ISO)Grade 1/Hand Picked Superior Quality Cloves
  • Ceylon (ISO)Grade 2/ Clean Quality Cloves
  • Ceylon (ISO)Grade 3/ Standard Quality Cloves

Specification of whole cloves

GradeHeadless cloves (%max)Tendrils, mother cloves (%max)Khoker cloves (%max)Extraneous matter (%max)Moisture, (%max)Volatile oil, (%min)
1 2 0,5 0,5 0,5 1217ml/100g
2 5 4 3 1 1217ml/100g
3Not specified 6 5 1 1215ml/100g

Specification of ground (Powdered) Cloves

GradeMoisture, (% max)Total ash, (%max)Acid-insoluble ash, (%max)Volatile oil, (%min)Crude fiber, (%max)

For Retail Customers

Ceylon Secret, Yakku, and Ceylon Geheiminis are our main food and spice brand names that are marketed worldwide. As well as we have enough capabilities to do private labeling according to your brand names as per your request. As well as we provide customized packings with different packing sizes, Weights, and materials as per your wish. we will provide,

  • Standard Proper labelled products as per customer request (including Bar code, Batch Number with tracking records)
  • Standard Expiry Dates and Manufacturing dates
  • Nutrition values Chart
  • Logos with USDA organic Certificate and Organic Certificate for EU

For the bulk customers

we will provide you with EXW/FOB/ CIF prices which include,
• USDA organic Certificate (for organic products only)
• GMP Certificate
• Certificate of origin county
• Microbiological test reports issued by Sri Lanka Industrial Development Board
• Fumigation certificate and Phytosanitary certificate issued from authorized mandatory.
• Local transport cost up to Colombo port and properly packed according to shipping conditions.
• Batch file which includes all data from cultivation to Final Packing. (if necessary)