Kalu Heenati Rice

Crop Duration: 3 ½ months
Native to Sri Lanka
Average Yield: 30 to 50 bushels per acre
Moisture: 12%

Traditional rice varieties are also known as heirloom varieties. Traditional rice. varieties show better performance with the natural farming methods and with sustainable practices from the early years ago and have higher nutritional and medicinal qualities unique to them. Due to this, farmers were engaged in cultivating these varieties from generation to generation, thus conserving the gene pool. Even though these newly improved paddy varieties were short in terms of age and high yielding, they depend on chemical fertilizer and are labor intensive, thus posing a negative externality to the environment. Therefore still 8-10% of farmers
are adopted to grow traditional rice varieties fully or part of their whole extent of cultivated land even at present.

Kalu Heenati is translated as “dark, fine grain.” It is a highly nutritious red rice that is considered to be good for daily consumption. It contains a lot of medicinal properties. It is very good for lactating mothers. It enhances sexual potential and physical strength.

Health Benefits

There are soo many benefits Such as Perfect for daily consumption and particularly recommended for lactating mothers. Enhances sexual potency and physical strength. High fiber content helps to regulate bowel movement. It is effective in keeping diabetes under control. Controlling the toxic effects of snakebites. Porridge made with Kalu heenati rice is recommended for hepatitis
patients. Kalu Heenati is used as a treatment for snake bite. Scientific studies have found evidence of medicinal properties useful for the treatment of cholesterol and hepatitis


Ceylon Secret, Yakku, and Ceylon Geheiminis are our main own foods and spice brand names that are marketing worldwide. As well as we have enough capabilities to do privet labeling according to your brand names as per your request. As well as we provide customized packings with different packing sizes, Weights, and materials as per your wish.

For the retail customers

we will provide standard Proper labeled products as per customer request (including Bar code, Batch Number with tracking records, Standard Expiry Dates and Manufacturing dates, Nutrition values Chart, and logos with USDA organic Certificate and Organic Certificate for EU)

For the bulk customers

we will provide you with EXW/FOB/ CIF prices which include,
• USDA organic Certificate (for organic products only)
• GMP Certificate
• Certificate of origin county
• Microbiological test reports issued by Sri Lanka Industrial Development Board
• Fumigation certificate and Phytosanitary certificate issued from authorized mandatory.
• Local transport cost up to Colombo port and properly packed according to shipping conditions.
• Batch file which includes all data from cultivation to Final Packing. (if necessary)