Moisture ≤ 18 %

Sand ≤ 2 %

Ph Value :5.5 – 6.5

EC (µS/cm) Unwashed ≤ 500

You have many options for growing mediums when you decide to grow plants without soil. But coconut coir is a growing medium that is quietly becoming popular as a soilless substrate. There are many advantages of using coconut coir as a growing medium for many gardeners. 

Coco peat shape and surface take after soil. Its fine grain permits the plant to adjust just as whenever planted in soil. The distinction between grow bag coco peat, and soil. Establishing media is just in its healthful substance whereas coco peat doesn’t contain supplements like soil. Hence, to develop plants with coco peat, plants are soaked and supplemented arrangement.

The best thing about coco coir is its ability to hold water 10 times its weight, thus making it a popular additive for hanging baskets, container plants, potting soils. It is also capable of being a standalone growing medium in hydroponic growing setups where it can last up to 3 times longer than traditional sphagnum peat moss. Aeration and Drainage Coco coir possesses excellent aeration properties, which are important for a soilless growing medium. When it is added to the soil, it creates small air pockets that provide roots with access to air, water, and essential nutrients. In doing so, the air pockets promote stronger root growth and better health overall and, therefore, more vibrant plants.

Benefits of Coir Pith

  • This coir is biodegradable, but it biodegrades slowly, more slowly than regular peat moss and other organic matters.
  • It’s a naturally weed free and soil free product that smells good too.
  • As a soil amendment it adds organic matter.
  • Helps improve soil structure.
  • Aerates the soil which is great for the plant’s roots.
  • Improves water holding capacity–acts as a sponge to hold water in the root zone so that the plants can use it when they need it. Coir has a better water holding capacity than most soil amendments and it can hold seven to ten times its weight.
  • At the same time that it holds on to water it will also get rid of excess water so that your plants don’t become waterlogged.
  • Although it doesn’t have any significant nutrient value of its own, it helps the soil retain nutrients so that it’s available to the plants.

Available types of Ceylon Coco Products

Typically, coir pith and coco peat can use in various ways. Such as,