Ceylon Green Tea



  • SpeciesCamellia sinensis
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Crop: All over the year
  • Water extract – 32 %
  • Total ash – < 8%
  • Crude fibre – < 16.5%
  • Total Polyphenols: > 9%

Introducing our Ceylon Green Tea, a tea connoisseur’s delight cultivated in the lush hills of Sri Lanka. Sourced from high-altitude plantations, this premium green tea boasts a vibrant flavor profile and a wealth of health benefits, making it a refreshing choice for discerning tea enthusiasts.

Our Ceylon Green Tea offers a delicate infusion with a hint of grassy notes and a subtle, clean aroma. Handpicked at the peak of freshness, the tender tea leaves undergo minimal processing to preserve their natural goodness and deliver an authentic taste experience.

Elevate your daily ritual with the wholesome benefits of green tea, renowned for its rich antioxidants and potential metabolic support. Each sip of our Ceylon Green Tea promises a moment of rejuvenation, helping you embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Thoughtfully packaged to maintain its freshness, our Ceylon Green Tea invites you to indulge in a tea-drinking experience like no other. Whether you’re seeking a morning pick-me-up or a calming afternoon interlude, let the crisp, invigorating notes of Ceylon Green Tea transport you to the serene tea estates of Sri Lanka.

Unwind, refresh, and savor the exceptional quality of our Ceylon Green Tea – a true testament to the artistry of Sri Lanka’s tea craftsmanship. Embrace the journey of flavor and well-being with every carefully steeped cup.


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